Sep 2, 2010

Registration completion

Well, the technorati registration was completed.

However, did I pass all procedures by this?
I will introduce the procedure to a Japanese blog by this once.
I think that I challenge registration again if some mistakes exist and write the article newly.
Then, it prays for safety.


Volume improvement of blog

I think that I first make an English blog to register in technorati.

It is because of the desire even if the blog is registered in Japanese making it because technorati is service of the sphere in English as unnatural.

I think that anyway limited amount of article is necessary though the topic that should be described in the blog in English is not had.

Random English is acceptable.

Anyway, it is the current work that the number of sheets of the article on the blog is increased and the volume improves.

It challenges the Technorati registration.

It is very difficult for me who is weak at English to register technorati.

I will experience the technorati registration as an opening gambit by myself though it will introduce the technorati registration method by a Japanese blog.
If registration is normally completed this time, I will introduce it to the blog.